Many problems are hidden and it's difficult to understand them yourself.

Thanks to cooperation

with the psychotherapist it becomes possible to identify them and then solve them.

Establishing a good relationship between the patient and therapist is crucial to get closer to solving the problem.


I encourage you to begin psychotherapy  if you suffer from:


  • Unstable or low self-esteem

    • low self-esteem, constant doubt as it is perceived by the others,
      a sense of worthlessness, obsessive thoughts in a relationship, blaming, difficulty in making decisions.


  • Anxiety

    • feeling inadequate worries, it can be manifested through reactions
      in the body such as palpitations, sweating, dizziness, nausea, gastric problems.
      Anxiety can take the form of fear of health, rejection or loss.


  • Depression

    • e.g. a sense of lack of meaning in life, difficulty in experiencing pleasure, lack of appetite, lack of interest in previous activities, withdrawal, withdrawal from sex life, suicidal thoughts.

  • Returning memories of experienced trauma

  • Grief and loss

    • e.g. remembering past events, lack of acceptance of the current state after loss, fear, anxiety, tearfulness, loss of propulsion for life.

  • Difficulties in understanding your emotions and behavior

    • a sense of inconsistency between thoughts, feelings and behavior can manifest as remorse related to behavior inconsistent with professed values ​​or intentions, inadequate reactions, excessive anger in stressful situations.

  • Obsessive thoughts and behavior

    • intrusive thoughts and the urge to repeat specific actions
      e.g. frequent hand washing, counting steps to reduce tension.

    • dysmorphophobia - disturbed body image

  • Difficulties in understanding and controlling anger

  • Life Crisis

    • for example: problems after breakup with a partner or losing a job.

  • Problems in close relationships

    • creating unfair relationships, a sense of dissatisfaction
      in close relationship, strong jealousy, experiencing betrayal
      or a tendency to cheat on their partners.


  • Problems in social relations in peer / professional groups

  • Professional burnout

  • Behavioral addictions, e.g. internet addiction, shopping

  • Harmful use of psychoactive substances
    e.g. from alcohol, drugs


  • Eating disorders e.g. anorexia, bulimia, compulsive overeating

    I conduct individual and group therapy. 
    I work with adults and youth from 13 years of age.